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Download TvTap APK for Android

If you want to watch live broadcasts directly on your Android mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. We present you with TvTap APK – it is an application that allows you to watch live broadcasts completely free. This is a very advanced application that has lots of great features. You can also download TvTvap Pro which has even more useful functions and exciting solutions.

The times when you watched TV only at home have long since passed. Now, to watch your favorite live program, just a smartphone, and Internet access. You can do it from anywhere and at any time. The application offers live broadcasts in high quality.

tvtap android

The Most Important Informations About TvTap APK

TvTap is not a copy of other applications for broadcasting live programs that are available on the Internet. The app not only transmits live TV programs but also has functions such as broadcasting of films and series. This is a great feature that makes TvTap currently the best application of this type. You do not need a few applications anymore because TvTap has all the features that all other apps offer.

The application is an updated version of UkTVNow, so this is a trusted application, and you do not have to be afraid that you will experience any problems or damage your phone. The application can be used on many devices such as PC, iPhone, Amazon Firestick and all Android devices. TvTap offers live broadcasts of programs that are most popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

TvTap APK also has access to many sports channels and a dozen categories so you can watch your favorite sport live. Now we will present the most essential and best features of the TvTap application to which every user has access right after installation.

tvtap features

The Most Important Functions of The TvTap Application

– Very simple and friendly interface of the application makes that everyone can handle the application without using the guides

– Favorites tab allows you to add your favorite channel and quickly find it in the application

– TvTap supports Chromecast so you can send a signal from your phone to your TV and watch your favorite programs and videos in high definition on the big screen

– TvTap is compatible with all Android devices such as phones, tablets, televisions, etc.

– The application offers access to channels from around the world so that everyone will find something for themselves

– No registration or fees are required to use the app. This is excellent news for anyone looking for this type of application

– The ability to change the default player to one of many that offer the application

– Possibility to filter channels and movies according to the preferred country and category that interests us

– Add your favorite video to the bookmark to watch it at any time

– Searching for channels and movies is very intuitive thanks to the new interface

Download and install the TVTAP APK app for Android

If you want to download TvTap APK, do not look for it in the official Google Play store because it is not there. It is an independent application that you can download only from an external source such as this page. This is the only option to use this application. TvTap is updated continuously and new movie productions, as well as TV shows, are added, so you are always up to date.

To be able to install the application on your mobile device, you must first enable the installation from Unknown sources. TvTap does not require Root phone, but this option is needed. To do this:

  1. Go to the phone settings on your device
  2. Find and click on the Security and privacy tab
  3. Find the Unknown sources option and enable it
  4. Confirm all pop-ups
  5. Now you can download and install TvTap APK

Download the TvTap APK file

If you have done everything described above, you can already install TvTap on your device. The installation process is very simple, and everyone can handle it, but we will introduce it step by step. To do this:

  1. Download the APK installation file from our website. You will find it under the button with the word Download below.
  2. After downloading the file, locate it in the memory of your smartphone
  3. Click it to start the installation
  4. Wait a few minutes for the installation to finish
  5. If everything went well, the TvTap icon would appear on the main screen
  6. Click on it and wait for the application to start
  7. You can now use TvTap freely and watch your favorite movies and TV shows

tvtap for firestick

TVTAP for Firestick

The application can also be installed on Firestick. It is a device that changes a regular TV set on an Android TV. Thanks to this, we can install any application that runs on the Android system.

To use TvTap on your TV with the help of Firestick:

  1. Turn on the device and open the application to download files
  2. After starting the application, go to our website to download the APK file
  3. After downloading TvTap APK, you must install it
  4. When the installation is finished, start the application
  5. From now on you have full access to all application functions on your TV

tvtap pro apk

TvTap Pro for Android

In addition to the basic version of the application that allows you to watch TV and movies free of charge and has a lot of features, there is also a Pro version. Below we will describe it and present the functions it offers. You will see what the Pro version differs from the basic version and whether it pays to use it. This version has several important updates and functions that affect the use of the application.

The most essential functions of TvTap Pro

– In this version, you can access all channels directly from the home page of the application, which makes it very easy to use

– The application can change the main screen to the one you like the most. This is only a visual effect, but it is a cool option

– The built-in player has been slightly rebuilt

– A contact form has been added so that you can report any errors you encounter during use and contact us if you have any questions

download tvtap for pc

Download and install TvTap APK on PC

The TvTap application is also available on a PC. If you want to watch live TV shows directly on your computer, then there is a possibility. What should you do to be able to install it? You need to download the Android emulator and then download and install TvTap on this emulator. Below is the entire process:

1) Download the Android emulator

We recommend the BlueStack or Nox program. They are great emulators, and you will not have a problem with them. To download them, locate the official website of the manufacturer and download and install the emulator on your computer.

tvtap for windows

2) Download the TvTap APK file

Now you need to download the installation file directly on the Android emulator. To do this, start the program and enable the default web browser. Now go to our website and download the APK TvTap file. After downloading, start the installation and wait for the process to finish

tvtap pc

3) Turn on the application and use it

If the installation process has completed now, you can use all TvTap APK features on your computer for free! It is effortless because everyone can handle it


TvTap is currently one of the best applications for watching live TV programs and movies on a mobile device with Android. It has many functions that are not available for competitive applications, thanks to which we believe is the best applications. If you are looking for an application that allows everything that we described in this article, do not hesitate to download TvTap APK for your smartphone and enjoy free movies and TV shows!

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial resource and we are not associated with any of the TvTap developers or its partners. No pirated content has been hosted on this website.